The Sandbox is brought to you by the McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS). We started it because there is just so much great work going on around sustainability all across the McGill community. There are stories sprouting up everywhere—stories of success, of failure, of perseverance, of unlikely alliances that made the unthinkable possible.  And while we feature many of these stories through our Facebook and Twitter too, we thought they deserved a little more room.

We named this blog The Sandbox because we like to play. We think the university should be a testing ground for solutions to sustainability challenges, and we think that developing them should be fun. (Also, we thought naming a blog The Petri Dish was probably too gross.)

We hope that what you read here is informative, thought-provoking, entertaining, maybe inspiring. We are always happy to hear your thoughts—you can comment directly on the articles or email us at sustainability@mcgill.ca. If you think you might like to write a piece for The Sandbox, please get in touch about that too. Guest posts are always welcome.


Happy digging!

The MOOS Team