Faculty Feature: Professor Sarah Moser

The Sandbox

What are the characteristics of eco-cities? How do ‘eco-cities’ parallel broader social values, and how are they intertwined with economic strategies? These are just a few questions that McGill’s Professor Sarah Moser asks every day! Her research in the Department of Geography explores the cultural politics and drivers of new master-planned cities in emerging economies of the global south. In December 2016, she attended the UN Habitat-III conference on Sustainable Development to discuss urban agendas to advocate for more sustainable and equitable new cities. Professor Moser feels that new cities are exciting new grounds for innovation and growth, but that more insightful “critical investigation” needs to take place in order to “assess the successes, failures, and possibilities of new cities” to create meaningful discussions about sustainability. You can find Professor Moser on Twitter and on the Department of Geography’s Urban Labs website!




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