Cinema out of the Box!

The Sandbox

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.57.39 PMIn the mood for a movie? Try some people-powered cinema! Cinema out of the Box manages portable movie-screening infrastructure that has the capacity to project audiovisual materials anywhere on campus through bicycle-powered generators, low energy projectors and passive sound amplification. The project aims to create novel cinematic experiences in unexpected locations –  on campus, on mountains, in pools, and beyond. Members of the project lead year-long screening series that experiment with the creative and technological potential of mobile cinematic equipment. Cinema out of the Box makes novel use of on- and off-campus space without requiring elaborate construction or infrastructural support, and its “pop-up” projections allow experimental collaborations and facilitate the spread of media arts to the campus community.  For more information, check out their SPF project video or stay tuned for their screenings on Facebook! 



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