The McGill Farmers Market

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The Farmers’ Market is an annual Fall event on McGill’s downtown campus which provides students, employees, and members of the community with fresh, local produce from the farmers who produce it. The market not only allows students at McGill to sample healthy organic produce, but aims to act as a model for equitable relationships between food producers and consumers.  Whether it’s the purchase of organic tomatoes, honey, or fresh Mac apples, downtown residents are able to connect to the agricultural community and come closer to their food source. The Farmers’ Market began as an SPF project in 2008; however, in the years that followed, the market was able to achieve financial self-sufficiency. This year, the Farmers’ Market was at the y-intersection every Thursday in September and October.

Vendors and volunteers of the McGill Farmers’ market often collaborate with groups working towards ecological and social sustainability in the community. The market provides workshops about cooking and sustainable living and is a forum for discussion and education related to food. This May, the Farmer’s market is offering Community Supported Agriculture baskets! You can register here.

For more information about the Farmer’s Market, you can email them at, or find them on Facebook:


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