Campus Crops

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A totally student-run initiative, Campus Crops was funded by the Sustainability Projects Fund and has been around since 2007. They are a working group of QPIRG McGill and work closely with Midnight Kitchen. Campus Crops aims to grow fresh, local produce through urban agriculture at McGill University’s downtown campus – and to educate community members about gardening and distributional equity relating to food. Campus Crops facilitates learning by doing; the gardens are run by a group of talented volunteers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! The vision is to work towards a community which is both aware and appreciative of essential urban agriculture skills. However, Campus Crops acknowledges that urban agriculture is often a politically charged issue that clashes with traditional approaches to the land use economy. In this way, Campus Crops is not only an alternative to centralized commercial agriculture, but a community collective advocating for social sustainability.

Campus Crops promotes discussion around issues of food politics and food security through social and educational events such as workshops, film screenings and potlucks. You can find out more about Campus Crops at or here:

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