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3_3-320x239The Out of the Garden Project is a student-directed not-for-profit café at McGill MacDonald Campus. OGP believes in the Farm-to-Fork movement, and prioritizes fresh, ecologically- and ethically-produced ingredients sourced from local West Island farms, including the campus’s own Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Gardens (MSEG) and Horticultural Centre. Twice a week, OGP provides affordable, healthy lunch choices for the Mac community. The style? Changing weekly menus, in a setting that provides students with a social space for meeting and studying.

Student involvement is central to the success of the cafe. OGP is an initiative where students can integrate the values taught in the classrooms, extending the learning opportunities to managerial and hands-on experience. Students of the faculty, in disciplines such as nutrition, food science, agriculture, life sciences, environment, and even engineering are united to put ideas into action. The success of OGP can be attributed to its base of volunteers that prepare and serve food.

With an emphasis on building community, there are possibilities for many levels of participation and connection. OGP has various workshops and events to educate students about preservation, nutrition, and food choices. The student-run catering sector is a new aspect of OGP that has come to bloom with the Mac community, bringing together clubs and societies with local food. We serve Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Ceilidh, Centennial Center. Whether you’re there to eat, or there to volunteer in the kitchen, welcome to Out of the Garden Project Cafe!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theoutofthegardenproject?fref=ts
Email: outofthegardenmac@gmail.com

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