Electric Grounds Equipment

The Sandbox

elecgrequip_cropUniversities purchase a broad range of different goods and services and in vast quantities. The production, the transportation, the use and end-of-life management of these goods generate considerable economic, social and environmental impacts which need to be considered and managed throughout the supply chain process.

Ever been caught trying to study only to be distracted by the noise of McGill’s hard-working ground crew? or concerned about the use of gas-powered grounds equipment when quieter and more eco-friendly options are available? Well fear no more!

The ‘Electric Grounds Equipment’ project seeks to purchase battery-operated equipment to replace all the mixed-fuel powered items currently being used by McGill’s Grounds Department. Along with a reduction in carbon emissions, noise pollution on campus grounds will be reduced by an estimated 50%.

The new equipment has various benefits for its users including improved safety and enhanced performance. It will be lighter and the user will avoid inhaling exhaust while at work. Those who have tried it respond enthusiastically to the change.

Resources from the SPF are being used to purchase: ultra lithium batteries, electric chainsaws, electric tree trimmers, electric hedge trimmers, and electric leaf blowers.

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