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mspA lackluster hallway, an empty lawn, an awkward nook – every university campus has them. But what if these were reimagined as a colorful study space with undulating seats, a pop-up outdoor classroom, and a busking area for student musicians?

Ask yourself or a friend: what role do spaces on campus play in the way you work, live, and relax? What does a better campus look like to you? These important questions often go unvoiced despite the amount of time each of us spends on campus while working, studying, and playing at McGill.

The McGill Spaces Project (MSP) is a student-led initiative that seeks to critically reimagine McGill’s spaces and places. Through cross-campus collaboration and creative placemaking, they aim to highlight the rousing potential of underused areas around downtown campus.

MSP was founded on the premise that although space on McGill’s downtown campus is limited, its potential is limitless. They seek to engage students, faculty, staff, and members of the Montreal community in a collaborative process to transform underused spaces on McGill’s downtown campus.

As a group of dedicated undergraduate and graduate students working in collaboration with staff from Campus and Space Planning, the MSP brings student energy, faculty expertise, and staff experience together to use McGill’s campus as a living laboratory. Through experimentation, they aim to explore the connections between physical spaces and quality of life, our community, and how they contribute to the big picture of social sustainability overall.

Join them in exploring the relationships between the McGill community and the spaces that surround us. How can we take action to revitalize our environment in ways that they better meet community needs?

Connect, start a conversation, and get involved – they can’t do much without you!

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Come check out who we are and our incredible MSP Advisory Network.

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