Heroes of Science Fund

Over the years, support from donors and alumni has been essential in helping us deliver the most impactful educational experience possible to our students. The incredibly rapid changes in the academic and professional landscapes require us to constantly innovate what, and how we teach. When you give to the Heroes of Science Dean’s Fund, you enable incredible opportunities for our students and you become a Hero of Science both on and off campus. Your gift will help make the following possible:

  • Real Research: The Real Research program enables students to experience how a research problem is identified and validated, and how its resolution is tackled – all in a world class research laboratory. The Dean’s fund is committed to opening doors for undergraduates to experience hands-on research.
  • The Laboratory of the Future (LoF):  Although laboratory experience draws many students to study science, the tools and infrastructure associated with undergraduate laboratories are often stuck in a 1960s time warp. Support for the LoF will enable McGill Science students to learn how to conduct contemporary science by performing real experiments using state-of-the-art instruments.
  • Personalized Program Advising: The opportunities for studying science now involve many combinations of subject, discipline, and theme. Many students already benefit from the help of academic advisors, but much more can be done by specialists who focus on matching students’ aspirations with the program/course offerings at McGill.
  • McGill’s Laboratories Without Borders (LWB): McGill Science has a unique network of field stations where students take courses and conduct research in locations around the world such as Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Lake Memphremagog, Schefferville, Nunavut, Panama, East Africa, and Barbados. LWB provides extraordinary learning experiences for a huge range of students throughout the Faculty.

If the Dean’s Fund does not speak to your heart, I ask you to consider supporting your former department or helping to increase access to science scholarships. Admission to the Faculty of Science is entirely merit based and is needs-blind. However, today’s students often face serious financial barriers that can hinder their ability to take full advantage of a well-rounded academic experience.

The above projects are vital to the future success of our Faculty. By donating to the Heroes of Science Dean’s Fund, you are making an immediate difference to both today’s and the next generation of McGill Science students.

Sincerely yours,

R. Bruce Lennox

Dean, Faculty of Science

Tomlinson Professor of Chemistry