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Answers to trivia mini-quiz

1)    The McGill mascot’s name is Marty the Martlet, after the martlets (a heraldic bird) on the McGill coat of arms. This question is one of the McGill-related questions devised by Dr. David Harpp, Sir William Macdonald Professor of Chemistry, holder of the Tomlinson Chair of Science Education and occasional host of McGill trivia quiz events. Learn more here.

2)    The “nano” in nanoscience is derived from the Greek word for dwarf. In the metric system it refers to a fraction of one billionth of the unit named. Learn more here.

3)    The oceans are the other major determinant of climate. Ocean temperatures and currents have a very significant impact on weather. Learn more here.

4)    It’s surprising but true. Males process pain using different sets of cells than females. Differences in pain responses between the sexes and even between individuals may ultimately lead to the development of “his” and “her” medications for pain relief. Learn more here.


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