Spaghetti Nights Family Workshops: Giving parents a helping hand

In Focus

As rewarding as it can sometimes be, parenting isn’t easy. Sometimes parents feel like they are operating in a bubble, far removed from other adults and trying their best to deal with challenges – and put out fires – as they crop up. If only kids came with an owner’s manual, frustrated parents have ruefully mused. And wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, someone else did the cooking and took care of the children?

Community Engagement Day 2016


McGill’s Social Equity and Diversity Education Office will be hosting and celebrating the 5th anniversary of Community Engagement Day on and around Thursday, Sept. 29

Reading Week with a difference

In the Community

For many McGill students, the March study break is a time for relaxing, traveling or catching up on schoolwork. But for a group of McGill students, it’s about something much bigger: engaging with the Montreal community.

Youth from Kahnawake experience day as McGill students

In the Community

Ronteweiénstha Tehontatia’takéhnhen, a Mohawk phrase for students helping students, perfectly describes the day a group of high school students had on McGill campus on March 19. As part of a growing mentorship program, McGill student mentors, who have been working with students from Kahnawake for the past semester, invited their mentees from the Kahnawake Survival School onto campus for the day.