Helping grad students go the extra mile


Faith and Kendall Wallis, both double McGill alumni who have spent their working lives at the University, give back through the creation of the History and Classical Studies Graduate Excellence Fund.

McGill24 makes fundraising history

In Focus

McGill24 may have lasted for one day, but the impact of the community’s philanthropic support will endure for far longer. McGill’s first-ever day of giving raised $793,187, making it the most successful one-day fundraiser of its kind in Canadian university history.

“Kindness rubs off,” says Eyal Baruch, lifelong volunteer


To get into the spirit of the Centraide campaign, which kicked off earlier today, the McGill Reporter sat down with Eyal Baruch, Assistant Manager of Events, Athletics and Recreation, to explore his lifelong passion for volunteerism and his belief in the importance of supporting Centraide.

Getting involved outside the Roddick Gates

In the Community

As the McGill community settles into the rhythm of a new semester, people across the University are getting ready for another day of rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in our city. With just a few days to go, the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) is set to host the 4th annual McGill Community Engagement Day on and around Oct. 1.