Dr. Arkady Khoutorsky awarded the 2017 Award in Pain


Dr. Arkady Khoutorsky, Principal Investigator at the Alan Edwards Center for Research on Pain, was one of seven recipients of the 2017 Award in Pain.

His and her pain circuitry


New research released on June 29 in Nature Neuroscience reveals for the first time that pain is processed in male and female mice using different cells. These findings have far-reaching implications for our basic understanding of pain, how we develop the next generation of medications for chronic pain — which is by far the most prevalent human health condition — and the way we execute basic biomedical research using mice.

Customizing relief


One in five Canadians suffers from chronic pain. Not every patient responds to medication in the same way – and some people don’t respond at all. Renowned pain genetics researcher Luda Diatchenko is working on personalizing treatment for each sufferer.