A new molecular target identified in depression


The discovery of a new mechanism involved in depression – and a way to target it with a drug as effective as classical antidepressants – provides new understanding of this illness and could pave the way for treatments with fewer side effects.

Bell Let’s Talk to support mental health resources at The Neuro

Extra! Extra!

On Jan. 18, Bell Let’s Talk announced a donation of $250,000 the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital to fund the development of online mental health resources focused on the needs of multicultural communities.

The neuroscience of HIV

Entre Nous

On World AIDS Day, Dr. Lesley Fellows discusses Positive Brain Health Now, a major study to better understand the effects of HIV infection on brain health.

McGill has a new tool in the battle against mental illness

Around Campus

In what may be a first for a Canadian university, McGill has added the internationally renowned WRAP program to its diverse toolkit for combatting students’ problems with mental illness.

Refugees face new challenges in Canada


Changing homes is stressful, even if you are just moving across the street. Moving to a new country, with the added bureaucratic and logistical headaches, only adds to the anxiety. This is especially true for refugees, many of whom are fleeing war-torn countries where they have been victims of violence or have witnessed war atrocities firsthand.

Jan. 19 : Students in distress workshop


This two-hour workshop (from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. at Macdonald campus) will present a model of appropriate and simple actions that you can take to help students.