McGill duo named CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars


McGill professors Corinne Maurice and Kieran O’Donnell have been appointed to the CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program, a new initiative that helps outstanding early-career researchers develop the leadership and communication skills, and network connections, they’ll need to solve some of our most pressing problems.

Inaccuracies found in depression screening in children and adolescents


Researchers find current tools inaccurate and advise against routine screening for depression in this age group.

Three athletes among 23 McGillians headed for Rio


Three athletes are among a 23-member entourage of McGill graduates and students headed to Rio de Janeiro to serve in an official capacity at the Summer Olympic Games, Aug. 5-21. The athletes, all from Montreal, include wrestler Dorothy Yeats, an engineering student, and a pair of fencers – both recent graduates – Maximilien Van Haaster (B.Ed. Kinesiology ’16) and Joseph Polossifakis (B. Com ’14).

23 membres de la grande famille de McGill en route pour les Jeux olympiques de Rio

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Trois athlètes feront partie d’un groupe de 23 diplômés et étudiants de McGill qui participera à titre officiel aux Jeux olympiques d’été de Rio du 5 au 21 août prochain. Les athlètes mcgillois, tous de Montréal, sont la lutteuse Dorothy Yeats, étudiante en génie, et les escrimeurs – et récents diplômés – Maximilien Van Haaster (B. Sc. Éd., option kinésiologie, 2016) et Joseph Polossifakis (B. Com. 2014).31

Maintaining a healthy heart through bile acids


Groundbreaking research from the University of Alberta and McGill has opened the door towards the future prevention of cardiac fibrosis — a condition leading to heart failure for which there is currently no treatment.

Un cœur en santé grâce aux acides biliaires


Des chercheurs de l’Université de l’Alberta et de McGill ont réalisé une percée majeure qui pourrait bientôt permettre de prévenir la fibrose cardiaque, une affection conduisant à l’insuffisance cardiaque, pour laquelle il n’existe aucun traitement.

Chris Buddle named Dean of Students

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Chris Buddle, an award-winning teacher and researcher at Macdonald Campus, has been named Dean of Students.

What hibernating toads tell us about climate change

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The ability to predict when toads come out of hibernation in southern Canada could provide valuable insights into the future effects of climate change on a range of animals and plants.

Changements climatiques : le réveil hâtif des crapauds

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La capacité de prédire le moment où les crapauds du sud du Canada sortent de leur hibernation pourrait permettre aux scientifiques de mieux comprendre les effets des changements climatiques sur diverses espèces d’animaux et de plantes.

Breakthrough could reduce hip replacements

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Scientists at the RI-MUHC have discovered a new genetic mutation linked to osteonecrosis of the hip, specifically the femoral head – the spherical-shaped mass at the top of the femur. This breakthrough could allow doctors to identify and treat the disease before symptoms arise and potentially avoid hip replacements.