Founder’s Day celebrates Mac’s unsung heroes


Considering the type of winter we’ve endured, it was completely appropriate that the Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff, as handed out last week, went to the Campus Care team of Alain Bertrand, Michel Bédard, Daniel Bleho, Jean Mazerolle, Jeanne Page, Thomas Forrester, Andrew Fraser and Maoxin Xu.

Construction slated for HWY 20 overpass

Around Campus

Major repairs to the Macdonald Campus Highway 20 overpass will begin on Nov. 4. Commuters are advised to expect delays when travelling to or from the campus.

Hundreds honour Canada’s heroes at Mac campus

Around Campus

As with every year, today’s Remembrance Day ceremony at Macdonald Campus saw a poignant mix of the young (elementary and high school students) with the old (mostly veterans and their spouses). And while it is easy to forget that these elderly veterans – many who now use canes, walkers and wheelchairs – were once capable of great acts of heroism, the speakers reminded the crowd that it is our duty never to forget.

Mac outreach bolstered by $1 million gift


A $1-million gift from alumnus J. William Ritchie, will provide major support for the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in its efforts to open its Macdonald campus to more visitors and provide a unique, hands-on education into the critical role of agriculture in the food supply chain.