McGill researchers to get $2.2M in CFI funding


As announced yesterday by Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, eleven McGill researchers have received grants totalling $2.2 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

Chair in Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle launched


For the 80+ cows at the Macdonald Campus dairy farm, last Thursday was just another day at the office eating food and producing top-quality milk. They were blissfully unaware that some 200 yards away an initiative was being launched that may forever change their lives – and the profit margin of dairy producers – for the better.

When the cows come home, how long will they stay?


Elsa Vasseur, new NSERC Industrial Research Chair on Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle, believes that one of the best ways for dairy farmers to improve productivity and profitability is to make sure their cows are comfortable and treated well.