Helping make dysphagia less hard to swallow

In Focus

Our ability to swallow is something that many take for granted. From the moment we are born, any individual swallows approximately 600 times per day without giving it a second thought. You could imagine that if something were to repeatedly go wrong during those 600 swallows, trouble can add up quickly.

Cat got your tongue? Free voice screenings on April 1-2

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Few communication tools are as versatile as our voice. With it we convey facts and feelings; we create art and build bridges between people. Voices can soothe us or warn us, inspire us or teach us. Just listening to a person’s intonations will tell us whether they are happy, sad or completely indifferent. Accents give us clues as to a person’s cultural background and exact part of the world from which they hail. The foundation of civilization is cooperation and one of the cornerstones of that foundation is communication. Without voice where would we be as people and as a society?