Searching for Arctic pollinators

Notes from the field

Just finishing his first year as Dean of Students, Chris Buddle could probably use a little downtime, right? Well, for the award-winning researcher and professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences, downtime means heading to the Arctic tundra to study pollination with graduate student, Vinko Culjak Mathieu.

One on one with Chris Buddle, Dean of Students

Entre Nous

To many, going from being a spider-hunting entomologist to Dean of Students may seem like a strange career move. But for Chris Buddle, the move fulfills his long-standing passion for student affairs.

Chris Buddle named Dean of Students

Other News

Chris Buddle, an award-winning teacher and researcher at Macdonald Campus, has been named Dean of Students.

Pesticides: more toxic than previously thought?


Changes in personality of jumping spiders suggest effects of insecticide exposure may have been underestimated.

Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change


McGill researchers believe that Arctic beetles may prove to be ideal markers of climate change, since any changes in climate that affect the soil, plants and animals on which the beetles depend are likely to be quickly reflected in changes in the beetle communities.