In conversation with Margaret Atwood

Entre Nous

In anticipation of her sold-out Beatty Memorial Lecture on Oct. 27, legendary novelist Margaret Atwood spoke with the McGill Reporter about the bird population crisis, cats and her new comic book series.

Something for everyone at Homecoming Celebration Weekend

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The countdown has begun to this year’s Homecoming Celebration Weekend and Open House, and a diverse, entertaining array of events – everything from a YouTube viral sensation to a Canadian literary icon – are on the agenda for the 2016 edition of McGill’s fall classic.

Changing the world, one reader at a time

Entre Nous

In advance of his Beatty Memorial Lecture (Sept. 24), former Microsoft executive and founder of Room to Read, a global non-profit organization focused on literacy and gender equality in education, spoke to the Reporter about social entrepreneurship and “the major choices facing the world at this epochal moment.”

Beatty Lecture with John Wood


John Wood, former Microsoft executive and founder of the global non-profit organization Room to Read, will deliver the 2015 Beatty Memorial Lecture on Sept. 24.

Deisseroth’s research offers window to the brain

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A record crowd of just under 500 people attended the annual Beatty Memorial Lecture on Thursday, Oct. 16 with Dr. Karl Deisseroth of Stanford University. Dr. Deisseroth is a practicing psychiatrist and the researcher behind two revolutionary tools for studying the brain: optogenetics, a technique that uses light to control neurons, and CLARITY, a revolutionary method of making brain tissue transparent to observe neural connections and activity.

Banking on the poor: Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus delivers Beatty Lecture


$27: That’s how much it took for 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Grameen Bank founder Dr. Muhammad Yunus to change the world.

Making the incredibly complicated incredibly understandable


Beatty lecturer Dr. Marc Tessier-Lavigne explains neuroscience By Neale McDevitt Let’s get something straight: I am not a Science Guy, I am a Lit Guy. Rather than Gray’s Anatomy – the book – I cut my teeth on Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, the poetry of the British Romantics and the barbed but beautiful prose […]

Beatty lecture, homecoming, Montreal Matters, Interfaith conference and pumpkins

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Beatty Memorial Lecture goes green Long considered one of the most influential voices in the mainstream environmental movement, James Gustave Speth, who will deliver this year’s Beatty Memorial Lecture, has veered toward downright radicalism with the publication of his new book The Bridge at the Edge of the World (Yale University Press, 2008).