Digging into data: Toward a new understanding of the Arts

Entre Nous

A conversation with Professor Andrew Piper about why data science is such a valuable tool for greater understanding in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Using Artificial Intelligence to combat sexism in the literary world

Other News

Do women only write about family? Do men only write about war? Just Review is a new advocacy project that uses Artificial Intelligence to uncover and combat sexism in the literary world.

Researchers on the rise

Headline News

On June 1 and 2, during the Arts A and Science B convocation ceremonies, Principal Suzanne Fortier will take a moment from celebrating the graduating class of 2015 to mark the achievements of another group: three of McGill’s brightest young researchers. Paul François, Joelle Pineau and Andrew Piper are this year’s recipients of the Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers.