Doina Precup to head DeepMind’s new AI lab


DeepMind, the AI company famous for its Go-playing AlphaGo program, announced today that it is opening a new research lab to be headed by Doina Precup, a professor at McGill’s School of Computer Science.

Is Artificial Intelligence coming for your job?


Today artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous technology are changing most workplaces and shifting the ground beneath jobs that were once considered stable, with repercussions across all economic sectors. On Oct. 11, Yann LeCun, Director of AI at Facebook will reflect on the future of work and careers in the face of advancing technological capabilities.

Using AI and hacking to make the world a better place

Around Campus

The first-ever McGill Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Hackathon was a big hit. For two days teams of students and members of the community used data sets to try to solve social problems using their tech skills in a two-coding jam session.

AI Summer Lab for women: Sisters are doing it for themselves

Around Campus

Launching young women into the male dominated world of Artificial Intelligence is the purpose of the first-ever Summer AI Lab organized by McGill’s Innovation Lab, the Reasoning and Learning Lab and innovative Montreal company Maluuba.

Smart wheelchair gives users more autonomy


In the 1950s, Canadian inventor George Klein built the first electric wheelchair – considered one of the greatest inventions in the history of Canadian science and engineering. Now Computer Engineering professor Joëlle Pineau is working on advancing Klein’s work with the next generation of user-friendly wheelchairs.

Joelle Pineau named CIFAR Fellow


The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research has run an artificial intelligence and machine research program called Learning in Machines and Brains since 2004. Among its newest contributors is McGill School of Computer Science Professor Joelle Pineau, who was named a CIFAR Fellow in April.