McGill named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers


McGill has been chosen as one of the Canada’s greenest employers in an editorial competition that recognizes employers that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness.

In conversation with neuroscientist Dr. Nguyen-Vi Mohamed

Four Burning Questions

As part of the new Neuro XXceptional video series featuring women researchers, neuroscientist Nguyen-Vi Mohamed talks about her work with mini brains, miniature balls of human brain cells smaller than a pea.

Bball’s Kiss-Rusk and Ogundokun named athletes of the year


Basketball players Alex Kiss-Rusk of Beaconsfield, Que., and  Dele Ogundokun of Hamilton, Ont., were named female and male athletes of the year, respectively, at the 41st annual McGill varsity sports awards gala.

McGill researchers to get $2.2M in CFI funding


As announced yesterday by Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, eleven McGill researchers have received grants totalling $2.2 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

3-Minute Thesis competition delivers (sound) bite-sized research excellence


Recently, McGill held its seventh annual 3-Minute Thesis/ Ma thèse en 180 secondes competition in which graduate students deliver concise presentations of their research in three minutes or less. This year, 14 participants captivated the audience with their research and their polished presentation skills.

Dispatches from the Africa Mercy #3: Angels of Mercy

Notes from the field

In his third dispatch aboard the Africa Mercy hospital ship (currently in Douala, Cameroon), Dr. Sherif Emil writes about the ship’s nursing staff. Pulled together from around the world, many have put their careers on hold while they volunteer their services.

Dispatches from the Africa Mercy #2: Transformations

Notes from the field

In his second dispatch aboard the Africa Mercy hospital ship (currently in Douala, Cameroon), Dr. Sherif Emil writes about the Dress Ceremony, in which women who had been isolated and ostracized because of a medical condition called vesicovaginal fistula, symbolically don new dresses after life-altering surgery has cured them.

McGill/industry partnerships improve medical imaging analysis technology


About 60 people gathered in the De Grandpré Communications Centre of the Montreal Neurological Institute to celebrate the end of the successful six-year run of the NSERC CREATE Program in Medical Imaging Analysis (CREATE-MIA) at McGill. Highlighting the program’s successes, the event also acknowledged the contributions of industry partners, while looking toward the future, not only in terms of the rapidly evolving technology but also into how these industry/academia collaborations can be maintained and developed. 

Michèle Mendelssohn on Canadian values and cosmopolitanism

Entre Nous

In advance of her upcoming Eakin Lecture on April 9., Professor Michèle Mendelssohn spoke to the Reporter about her work on Canadian values and cosmopolitanism.

Dispatches from the Africa Mercy #1: If you want to go far…

Notes from the field

Dr. Sherif Emil is a pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and a professor of pediatric surgery at McGill. Dr. Sharif is currently in Douala, Cameroon, on his third mission to the Africa Mercy. The Africa Mercy is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship dedicated to bringing hope and healing to tens of thousands of the world’s impoverished populations.