Recent bargaining updates

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Talks move at a steady pace with SEU Negotiations are well under way with SEU trades and facilities with the parties having signed off on many articles.  Monetary items remain to be settled and those discussions are set to occur early in the New Year. Agreements on several articles signed with AGSEM TAs The parties […]

2014 winners of Principal’s award for administrative and support staff

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McGill’s tradition of excellence reflects not only the outstanding quality and dedication of its students and professors but also of its administrative and support staff. Administrative staff plays an important role in McGill University’s commitment to the quality of life of its students. Principal Suzanne Fortier hosted a luncheon last month to celebrate this year’s winners in five categories:

Team category

Principal's Awards for 2014

Teamwork is the reason for the success of the Undergraduate Medical Education team of the Faculty of Medicine. Accepting the award on behalf of the team was Melissa Knock, manager of educational services in the Faculty of Medicine. Team members include Kate Allan, Anne Briggs, Mary Cecere, Heidi Cheung, Carolyn Cichon, John Cloutier, Silvana Di Lollo, Jean-François Gravel, Maryse Grignon, Nicole Guedon, Tim Johns, Shie Kasai, Anna Lee, Elizaberth Lefebvre, Carole Lemieux, Tamara Lutz, Sunita Mathew, Danielle Moronval, Farhad Saboohi and Alessandra Tedeschi.

Known as UGME, the team’s 20 staff members assist some 800 medical students and 400 visiting elective students. UGME ensures that students are poised to become tomorrow’s best clinicians, researchers and leaders in the field of medicine.

Their tireless efforts and outstanding work has enabled McGill University to become one of the leaders in medical education.
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Report on December HR Administrators Forum

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The sixth edition of the HR Administrators Forum was held on December 5.  More than 90 people signed up for the session, given twice a year.  Here are the topics discussed at the session: Lynne B. Gervais, Associate Vice-Principal HR, kicked off the session with a brief talk on the university’s proposed hiring freeze announced […]

Les boursiers postdoctoraux déposent une requête d’accréditation

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Le 10 juin dernier, l’Université a été avisée que les « postdoctoral fellows » avaient déposé une requête auprès de la Commission des relations du travail (CRT) pour devenir syndiqués au sein d’AMURE (Association of McGill University Research Employees), une unité de négociation affiliée à l’Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada (PSAC). L’Université est tenue de produire une liste des employés qui rencontrent les critères pour être inclus dans ce groupe, en vue d’une rencontre avec la CRT le 17 juillet prochain.
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Labour updates – Floor fellows now certified

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On May 6, 2014, McGill’s floor fellows received certification from the Commission des relations du travail (CRT) to become a bargaining unit of AMUSE (Association of McGill University Support Employees). Read more »

Postdoctoral fellows file motion to unionize

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On June 10, 2014, the University received notice that postdoctoral fellows filed a motion with the Commission des relations du travail to become unionized as part of AMURE (Association of McGill University Research Employees), a bargaining unit of PSAC. Read more »

Negotiation updates

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Johanne Houle receives Emerging Leader award

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Johanne Houle, Director, Organizational Development, Human Resources, has won the 2014 Emerging Leader Award, given at the Canadian Association of University Business Officers’ annual conference in June (CAUBO). Read more »

Health and wellbeing featured at HR Administrators Forum

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Health imageHuman Resources hosted its fifth HR Administrators Forum in May with more than 90 employees from across the University in attendance.Read more »

Update on pay equity

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On June 17, the University signed two agreements with MUNACA, the first concerning the methodology to be used to make corrections the payments that were made last February. Read more »