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Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sleeping with the iguanas: Biology professor Andrew Hendry hard at work with a colleague during a 2012 field trip to the Galapagos Islands. / Photo courtesy of Andrew Hendry

Have you lined up some interesting fieldwork or research this summer? The McGill Reporter wants to tell your story… Actually, the McGill Reporter wants you to tell your story by submitting to its regular feature, Notes from the Field (NFTF). NFTF are first-person accounts written by researchers or interns that give readers a glimpse of what life is like in the field, be it in an exotic location or just down the road.

More travel journal than research paper, NFTF gives you the opportunity to tell us about the people you meet, the obstacles you must overcome, the funny encounters you have had and, of course, the work that you are doing. If you are interested in submitting a NFTF, contact Neale McDevitt at neale.mcdevitt@mcgill.ca.  Read examples of recently published Notes from the Field.

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