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Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2016
Jean Despujol, La pensée (1929)

Jean Despujol, La pensée (1929)

“People don’t read books anymore,” is a common lament in today’s plugged in world. With internauts getting much of their information and entertainment online through short videos and even shorter tweets, it feels like the bell has been tolling for books for a decade now. But, if the enthusiasm for the Reporter’s annual McGill Holiday Reading List is any indication, the reports of reading’s death are greatly exaggerated.

For the fourth straight year, we’re asking members of the McGill community to submit their holiday reading wish list (along with name, job title or program and year of study, and any comments about the books) to The list will be posted on the Reporter site in the coming weeks.

Take a look at the previous years’ lists: 2015, 2014, 2013



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4 Responses to Send us your holiday reading list

  1. dr jaswant guzder says:

    this year with syrian war refugees spread across the world, i will re read w.g.sebald’s The Emigrants. A testimony to memory, identity and moral fabric of lives uprooted by the german holocaust and the uprooting of so many lives. Sebaldian novels were a powerful legacy of traumatic memory as an operative energy and a search for meaningful narrative after war upheavals.

  2. Neale Mcdevitt says:

    Thanks, Dr. Guzder. I have added this to our list!

  3. Mili jacob says:

    There are lot of books to read and I love reading and it is my hobby. In this vaccation I plan to read “The little red chairs” by Edna O’Brien , and “The Sympathizer” by Viet Thanh Nguyen which I wish to complete within this vaccation. Before I read I used to get reviews from best essay writing service reviews

  4. Adelaide says:

    I must admit people read even more this days but we all gone online . The last book I’ve read was Promise of blood by Brian McClellan and it was pretty good . I think he visit site for writing tips.

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