Vijaya Raghavan elected President of RSC’s Academy of Science

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vijaya Raghavan, James McGill professor in the Dept. of Bioresource Engineering, is the president-elect of the Royal Society of Canada’s Academy of Science.

By McGill Reporter staff

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) recently announced the results from elections to choose new Presidents of its three Academies as well as a new President of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Vijaya Raghavan, James McGill professor in the Dept. of Bioresource Engineering, was elected President of the RSC’s Academy of Science.

“I am deeply honoured to serve as President-elect of the RSC Academy of Science wherein I hope to be able to promote the excellent contributions of Canadian scientists and engineers on a national and global scale for the benefit of Canada,” said Raghavan.

“Once again the Fellowship has elected outstanding leaders from throughout Canada to serve at a time when science and research are being called upon. These four individuals have answered that call,” said RSC President Maryse Lassonde.

Raghavan, a Fellow of the RSC since 2012, began his career at McGill in 1974 as a Research Associate and Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Macdonald Campus. He became a Full Professor in 1987 and served as Chair of the Department from 1993 to 2003. The main thrust of Dr Raghavan’s research efforts over the last two decades has been to study and develop post-harvest or post-production processes and technologies for the drying and storage of produce and crops.

The Presidents-Elect will assume office during the Annual General Meeting of the RSC on the weekend of Nov. 17-19, in Kingston, Ontario.


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11 Responses to Vijaya Raghavan elected President of RSC’s Academy of Science

  1. christopher says:

    Congratulations to our able Professor Vigaya Raghavan. He deserves the position.

  2. G.S.Varadaraj says:

    Congratulations to our dear brother Professor Vijaya Raghavan on this elevation and certainly you deserve for all the contributions you made to the Agricultural society.Wish you all the best.

  3. Venugopal says:

    Bravo, great achievement. We are proud of you on this achievement. We wish you well in leading the society and to help the mankind in solving Agricultural related problems.

  4. Peter Osazuwa says:

    Congrats Prof. Your appointment is well deserved. We know you will deliver.

  5. Lanre Adetunji says:

    Congratulations Sir! Another feather in the hat of a true pedagogical father. I wish you the skillfulness of hand and the integrity of heart to serve in this deserved position.

  6. Sakamon Devahastin says:

    Congratulations to Prof. Raghavan on the well deserved recognition!

  7. Kate Williams says:

    Dear VJ (as we called you long ago). this is a splendid and much-deserved honour. McGill University and all your colleagues and students must be so proud of you – and I am too. Good luck in the work ahead.

  8. John Sheppard says:

    A well-deserved honour VJ! McGill’s the best.

  9. Simona Nemes says:

    Congratulations Dr. Raghavan!

  10. Harish Vagadia says:

    Our Hearty Congratulations Professor Raghavan. One more feather in your cap Sir, God bless

  11. Professor V V krishna says:

    Hearty Congratulations Professor Raghavan on this pretigious position.

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