Traveling outside the province this summer? Going on vacation or sabbatical leave? Are you covered?

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014

Employees who are travelling outside the province this summer are reminded to carry important information such as the emergency travel assistance plan number (5320), the policy number (85210) and emergency travel assistance phone numbers.  For a list of the emergency contact numbers, click here.

Or you can print a personalized Manulife benefit card from the Manulife Financial Plan Member Secure Site. For more information, click here.

There are important things to remember about out-of-province or out-of-country emergency travel assistance coverage.

  • The McGill health plan supplements the provincial plan (RAMQ)
  • The provincial plan must remain in force while out of the province
  •  Some restrictions apply, among them the length of time outside the province, and residency

RAMQ coverage

  • Full-time residents are covered for up to 183 days with a once-every-7-year exception
  • Temporary residents are covered up to 21 consecutive days

McGill health plan coverage

  • Provides out-of-province/out-of-country emergency travel assistance coverage
  • Covers emergency medical expenses only, EXCLUDING ongoing treatment for a previously diagnosed medical condition (tests, doctor visits, follow-up)

McGill health plan coverage limitations

  • Coverage  for business travel or vacation is valid for up to 90 days per trip
  • Temporary residents are covered up to 21 consecutive days, in accordance with RAMQ

Sabbatical leave (academics)

  • Coverage is for up to one-year, if approved by RAMQ
  • Coverage must be approved by RAMQ prior to departure
  • For temporary residents, coverage is based on RAMQ 21-day restriction
  • An academic leaving on sabbatical must be considered medically-stable before leaving province of residence

For more information pertaining to medical stability, click here

For more information on McGill health plan coverage:

For more information on provincial coverage, go to the RAMQ site:









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