2014 winners of Principal’s award for administrative and support staff

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014

McGill’s tradition of excellence reflects not only the outstanding quality and dedication of its students and professors but also of its administrative and support staff. Administrative staff plays an important role in McGill University’s commitment to the quality of life of its students.  Principal Suzanne Fortier hosted a luncheon last month to celebrate this year’s winners in five categories:

Team category

Principal's Awards for 2014

Team Category

Teamwork is the reason for the success of the Undergraduate Medical Education team of the Faculty of Medicine.  Accepting the award on behalf of the team was Melissa Knock, manager of educational services in the Faculty of Medicine. Team members include Kate Allan, Anne Briggs, Mary Cecere, Heidi Cheung, Carolyn Cichon, John Cloutier, Silvana Di Lollo, Jean-François Gravel, Maryse Grignon, Nicole Guedon, Tim Johns, Shie Kasai, Anna Lee, Elizaberth Lefebvre, Carole Lemieux, Tamara Lutz, Sunita Mathew, Danielle Moronval, Farhad Saboohi and Alessandra Tedeschi.

Known as UGME, the team’s 20 staff members assist some 800 medical students and 400 visiting elective students.  UGME ensures that students are poised to become tomorrow’s best clinicians, researchers and leaders in the field of medicine.

Their tireless efforts and outstanding work has enabled McGill University to become one of the leaders in medical education.


Trades and services category

James Petrie

James Petrie

This year’s winner in the trades and services category is James Petrie.  James works in the Mail Services department. He joined McGill 37 years ago.

James’s colleagues are constantly amazed at his “encyclopedic” knowledge of how mail systems worked before adopting new equipment.  His understanding of these processes was instrumental in transitioning to new technology.

James optimizes the scheduling of tasks every day to ensure all faculties and units get their mail as expected and on time.  He can always be counted on for his resourcefulness.

His work and dedication embody McGill’s motto, ‘By work, all things increase and grow’.


Technical category

Ebrahim Noroozi

Ebrahim Noroozi

Ebrahim Noroozi, Senior Technician in the Department of Food Science of the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences is this year’s winner in the technical category.

Safety has always been an integral part of Eby’s professional life. He is a well-known expert in hazards reduction within the food processing industry. He has been a key voice in the development of McGill’s health and safety training materials, protocols and processes.

In 2012, Eby was named Volunteer of the Year by the McGill Safety Ambassador Award program.




Clerical category

Anna Ballarano

Anna Ballarano

Anna Ballarano is Administrative Coordinator of the McGill Cardiology Residency Training Program and this year’s winner in the clerical category.

Anna has been the “backbone” of the cardiology residence training program for some twenty years – the second largest cardiology training program in Canada.

With a direct role in guiding residents through various aspects of the program, Anna has acquired an incredible wealth of knowledge in all administrative and academic requirements for the program’s success.

An advocate for young doctors, Anna’s efforts ensure that they are able to do their job because she does hers so well.



Management category

Pina Sorrini

Pina Sorrini

Pina Sorrini, Student Affairs Administrator in the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Faculty of Medicine, is this year’s winner in the management category. Pina’s diligence and dedication is critical in the management of student affairs.

Pina’s talents and commitment to the Graduate Student Tracking System have helped students throughout their academic career. Originally developed by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, it is now used by four other departments within the Faculty.

Pina has also played an important role in the deployment of the uApply web-based application system for graduate students, bringing McGill’s graduate application process “into the 21st century”.


This year, there were 21 submissions. Twenty other outstanding employees and teams were nominated this year, which in itself is a great recognition from colleagues and managers. Congratulations to all of them.

To access this year’s list of nominees, click here

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