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Posted on Monday, October 6, 2014

ask-mcgill-text-logo-568xXAskMcGill is an instant response service that provides quick answers to students’ questions. Simply type a question in everyday language and receive an answer and/or links to additional information. Launched in late August with the goal of helping new students better navigate McGill, AskMcGill has recently been updated with additional information and resources for current students. A collaborative initiative developed by Student Life and Learning and the School of Continuing Studies, AskMcGill will continue to be enhanced based on evolving student needs and feedback from the McGill community. You can help by giving them your feedback.


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7 Responses to AskMcGill and get the right answer… quickly!

  1. Victor Chisholm says:

    Could this article have a link to the AskMcGill webpage where one submits questions? Is it a smartphone app for download?

  2. Madeleine Reinhart says:

    I am currently applying to McGill for undergraduate studies, but I am unable to input my OUAC Reference Number in Minerva. I have tried it in many different formats (as Minerva says I am not to input any spaces or dashes), and I have tried it with a zero at the end as the OUAC suggested, but nothing seems to work. Is there anything that I should be doing differently?

  3. Amanda McMullan says:

    Hi. I have been trying to complete my application on McGill “Apply Now”. I have already begun my application but when I login with my ID and pin, it brings me to the options either create a new application or update/complete the application that I have already started. When I try to complete my application, the following message occurs every time! : McGill Applications. You have been logged out of the system due to security reasons. Please login again.

    When I try to login again, it just does the same thing over. It is very frustrating. How can I complete my application if this error keeps occuring ?

  4. Neale Mcdevitt says:

    This is the McGill Reporter, not student services. Try calling 514-398-7878

  5. Neale Mcdevitt says:

    This is the McGill Reporter, not student services. Try calling 514-398-7878

  6. Ava Amerkashi says:

    Hi. I have recently applied for McGill Univ. Some days ago i have been asked to send this document. But i do not know what is this. ” Back of Eastern Med Univ transcript (what is Grade DE?) “. This is what exactly in my Minerva.
    I have sent a transcript of Eastern Mediterranean University but i do not know what is that.
    I would be happy if you answer me.
    Thank you!

  7. Neale Mcdevitt says:

    You should contact someone at Admissions

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