Changes to McGill’s Anti-spam System

Posted on Wednesday, June 4, 2014

As of Monday, June 2, changes were made to McGill’s Anti-spam system in order to better protect the McGill community from phishing attempts and other email fraud. The new settings may cause some messages to be falsely identified as spam and quarantined (i.e., blocked from your Inbox).

How to know if messages sent to your Inbox have been quarantined

If you have not “opted out” of the Anti-spam quarantine system or “unsubscribed” from the daily digest, you should receive daily notifications from containing a list of email messages that have been quarantined. You can go into the anti-spam system and take any of the following actions:

· View all blocked messages

· Choose to Deliver specific blocked messages to your Inbox

· Delete blocked messages you don’t want

· Approve senders, so that emails from them are never blocked

· Block senders, so that email from them are always blocked

For more information about the anti-spam system, go to the IT Knowledge Base.

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