Board Chair Kip Cobbett gets alumni award from Faculty of Law

Posted on Friday, February 7, 2014
Daniel Jutras, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Stuart H. “Kip” Cobbett, Chair of McGill’s Board of Governors. / Photo: Lysanne Larose

Daniel Jutras, Dean of the Faculty of Law (left), and Stuart H. “Kip” Cobbett, Chair of McGill’s Board of Governors. / Photo: Lysanne Larose

By McGill Reporter Staff

Stuart H. “Kip” Cobbett, Chair of McGill’s Board of Governors, was honoured with the James Robb award at the Faculty of Law Tuesday evening.

The award, which celebrates those who work hard to support the Faculty in its academic endeavours, was created by in 2007 the Faculty’s Advisory Board. It is named for James Robb, (BA ’51, BCL ’54), who, as a former McGill Governor and former president of the Alumni Association, is one of McGill’s better-known volunteers. Robb, who has helped on many fronts in the Faculty, including with initiatives for the Stikeman Chair, the Rothman Scholarship and a project for the 50th homecoming of the class of 1954, was named its first recipient. He attended the event honouring Cobbett.

“I’m deeply honoured,” Cobbett said. “The Law Faculty has played a very important role in my life and there is a personal element to this award for me because Jim Robb and I are friends and were law partners for many years.”

Principal Suzanne Fortier noted that Cobbett “has been an invaluable advisor to senior University administrators, served as a great motivator for alumni volunteers and has provided key support in our fundraising efforts, with a particular emphasis on scholarships and financial aid.

“He has been a firm believer in corporate social responsibility, including increasing his law firm’s pro bono work,” Fortier said. “He and his colleagues have also acted as part of a United Nations program seeking to foster corporate cultures that are respectful of human rights.”

Daniel Jutras, Dean of Law, also expressed his appreciation for Cobbett’s efforts in support of the Faculty.

“There is an historical connection between Kip Cobbett and Charles Dewey Day, McGill’s longest serving Chair of the Board, and McGill’s first Chancellor, 150 years ago,” Jutras said. “Over that period, half of McGill’s Chairs of the Board and Chancellors have been lawyers and alumni from our Faculty of Law, and their service to the University spans 100 of these 150 years. The Faculty of Law is very proud of this extraordinary contribution to the University’s governance and community. As an alumnus of the Faculty, Kip beautifully continues this tradition of service with poise, wisdom, humor and generosity.”

Chancellor H. Arnold Steinberg, Provost Anthony C. Masi and Norman Steinberg, Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board, also attended the event.

Cobbett, who has served as Chair of the Board of Governors since 2010, is also a partner with law firm Stikeman Elliott LLP. As a McGill grad, he has had a long-standing relationship with the University. He has been an active member of the McGill Alumni Association for many years and was lecturer in the Faculty from 1976 to 1985. He is also a governor of the Quebec Bar Foundation and serves on several boards of directors.


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