Best wishes for the holidays

Posted on Friday, December 21, 2012

The downtown campus on a serene night. / Photo: Ryan Reisert

By Doug Sweet

And so we get to the end of another year that media types would describe as “event-filled.”

It’s hard to think of one that hasn’t been.

But McGill, and Quebec universities in general, however, may be forgiven for feeling that 2012 was perhaps more “event-filled” than usual. We only happened to be at the heart of a pretty significant and sharp debate within the society about who should pay what to go to school. The debate will spill over into 2013, and if anyone thinks it will end with February’s summit meeting on higher education, well, there’s this land we know about in Florida….

But as our comprehensive year-in-review article indicates, this year has been much more than just about protest and politics. A host of accomplishments by McGill students, faculty and staff underscores the month-by-month litany of interesting news and events that captured our attention over the year. It’s well worth reading, and dipping back into the stories that made headlines on campus this year.

Now, of course, we’re at that marvelous time of the year when we hit the Pause button for a couple of weeks and allow the batteries to be recharged with fellowship, family and fun – free, we hope, from the stresses and strains that hum through our daily lives.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukah, Diwali, Kwanza or the winter solstice, we at The McGill Reporter hope you have the happiest of holidays, with lots of time for family and friends – and yourselves.

See you in what promises to be an interesting 2013!


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