Principal appointed to New York Academy of Sciences advisory board

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum. / Photo: Owen Egan

Munroe-Blum’s commitment to research and education recognized

By McGill Reporter Staff

McGill Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Munroe-Blum  has been named to the prestigious President’s Council of the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). She will join 27 Nobel laureates and other prominent leaders of academia and industry from around the world on this advisory board. The mission of the Academy is to promote the resolution of society’s global challenges through science-based solutions, to support scientific literacy and to advance scientific research and knowledge.

The Academy invited Munroe-Blum to join the President’s Council in recognition of her significant contributions to the promotion and advancement of scientific research and higher education, both at McGill and internationally.

“We welcome Heather Munroe-Blum, who has committed to furthering the important global initiatives of the Academy, to our President’s Council. Her career-long devotion to science and capacity building in STEM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] education closely mirrors the mission of the Academy, where we believe she will be an invaluable addition to our prestigious group of leaders,” said Ellis Rubinstein, President and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences.

“I am truly honoured to be invited to participate in the work of this leading scientific organization,” said  Munroe-Blum. “As Canada’s most international university, McGill is uniquely positioned to build closer connections with institutions across the globe. It’s been a privilege, over the course of my career, to be given the chance to foster the scientific exploration, education and collaboration that translate into discoveries that result in tangible benefits to society, locally, nationally, and internationally.”

A distinguished psychiatric epidemiologist,  Munroe-Blum has dedicated her career to the advancement of higher education, science and innovation, in Canada and internationally, advising governments and other organizations on the role that universities and research play in advancing international competitiveness and enriching societies.

Munroe-Blum serves on the Board, the Internationalization Committee, and the Membership Committee of the Association of American Universities, and chairs the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada’s Standing Advisory Committee on University Research. She is a member of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Canada, the U.S. National Research Council’s Committee on Research Universities and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The New York Academy of Science has over 25,000 members in 140 countries. Its members include research scientists from universities and industry, as well as representatives from business, government, and public policy organizations. Throughout its history, the Academy’s membership has featured leaders in science, business, academia, and government, including U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein.


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