Neuro Spotlight

February 2018

Neurovascular Team Recognized for Excellence by Profession Santé

Congratulations to the Neurovascular team who received the 2017 Inter-professional Team Prize from Profession Santé. The Profession Santé prize is awarded to a healthcare team that, thanks to its cohesion, facilitates the development and implementation of quality patient care and patient services.
Learn more about the Neurovascular team and their exemplary work!



Wilder Penfield Featured in a Google Doodle

A Google Doodle featured Wilder Penfield, founder of The Neuro, on January 26, 2018, the day that would have been Penfield’s 127th birthday. The Doodle entry introduced Penfield with this playful introduction: “You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know why we’re celebrating Wilder Penfield’s 127th birthday today, but it doesn’t hurt!”
The Doodle was featured in Forbes, The Independent, Time and several other publications. View the Doodle or read more about Penfield on our website.

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