Neuro Notes

February 2018

At 99 Milner Makes Headlines

The Neuro’s Brenda Milner, whose work in neuroscience is recognized around the world, continues to be interviewed for her keen insights at the age of 99. Enjoy the latest Milner profiles:

Neuro Patient Richard Nolet Shares his Story

“There were times when I would completely blank out and lose all ability to speak or do anything for 10 or 20 seconds at a time.”

Every patient has a story, and Neuro patient Richard Nolet wanted to share his experiences. Read Nolet’s personal story.

If you would like to share your Neuro story, please drop us a line.

Neurosurgeon Featured in NFB Documentary that Explores Problem Gambling

In a new National Film Board of Canada (NFB) interactive documentary, The Neuro’s Alain Dagher illuminates the physiological aspects of gambling: how the rewards it generates bring us pleasure and act on the brain’s dopamine system.

Read more about this documentary and/or watch it online.

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