In Focus

October 2017


William Howard Feindel to be Honoured

On November 23, 2017, William Howard Feindel (1918-2014) will be recognized posthumously for his contributions to neurosurgical research and development of medical diagnostic equipment at the Discovery Centre’s Annual Awards Gala. The Gala is Nova Scotia’s most prestigious event celebrating the best and brightest in science and technology.



Revisiting a Heritage Minute

Rebecca Bartlett and Jim Ellwood are visiting all 87 sites featured on CBC Heritage Minute as part of a cross-Canada tour. The Neuro, as the site of the famous Burnt Toast Heritage Minute, about one of Dr. Wilder Penfield’s famous path-breaking advances in the treatment of seizure disorders, was one of their stops. The pair visited The Neuro on October 6, and were treated to a tour by Dr. Richard Leblanc.


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