Brain Facts

October 2017


Ambitious Neuroscience Project to Probe How the Brain Makes Decisions

World-leading neuroscientists have launched an ambitious project to answer one of the greatest mysteries of all time: how the brain decides what to do.

The international effort will draw on expertise from 21 labs in the US and Europe to uncover for the first time where, when, and how neurons in the brain take information from the outside world, make sense of it, and work out how to respond.

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Exercise and Parkinson’s

Research is focusing on the role that specific forms of exercise might play in befitting Parkinson’s patients.

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Why Asia is Fast Becoming a Global Leader In Neuroscience

The world is on the cusp of redefining brain aging. Asia Pacific, known for countries with rapidly aging populations, has unimaginable potential to lead the charge in research and innovation for better, younger, healthier brains.

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Multiple Sclerosis: What if it All Begins in Our Intestines?

A recent article in Science & Vie discussed different research studies conducted on mice that all suggest that Multiple Sclerosis may originate in our intestines with the occurrence of specific intestinal flora.

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