In Focus

August 2017

The Most Famous Brain in Science

Colin Holmes, a former graduate student at The Neuro, has the most notable brain in science. Also known as “Average Colin,” it has appeared in over 800 scientific papers — and more citations come in almost every week. It has been featured in studies of stroke, HIV, Alzheimer’s, and even the brain benefits of eating fish. Holmes also noted that over 1,000 labs around the world use his brain in some way.

Watch a video featuring the man behind the brain and read more here.

Holmes, in reference to his brain: “I’ve seen it all across the United States. I’ve seen it in Japan, Korea, all over Europe.”

Meet the Singing Orderly

Masmian Joseph has been a patient attendant for many years, working at the Montreal General, The Neuro, and the new McGill University Health Centre Glen Campus. He’s most famous for his unique ability to calm patients with a song.

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Joseph, in reference to patient reaction: “Just the look on their face,” he beams, “is payback enough. And they just can’t stop saying thanks.”

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