Brain Facts

August 2017

Stroke Survivors at Higher Risk for Another Stroke or Heart Attack for Years Longer than Commonly Thought

Doctors and researchers have tended to focus on complications in stroke or mini-stroke survivors for 90 days after the incident, while new study reveals a better time range is 5 years. The finding is inciting healthcare professionals to encompass the notion of chronic disease in the medical condition’s conception.

Read the full article on CBC.

Hereditary Gene Mutations Can Be Corrected, with Implications for MS

For the first time, scientists have shown they can correct gene mutations in human embryos – a breakthrough with implications for multiple sclerosis (MS) and several other diseases.

Read the full article in Multiple Sclerosis News Today.

NFL Player Brains show Hallmarks of Neurodegenerative Disease

In the largest study of its kind, post-mortem analysis of 202 former football players’ brain reveals that 87% showed the diagnostic signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease associated with repetitive head trauma, urging leaders to protect their players.

Read the full article in Science.

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