July 2017

The Neuro to Create World’s First ALS Phase 1 Clinical Trial Unit

A generous donation by The Tenaquip Foundation will improve the quality of care available to ALS patients at The Neuro, and will also increase the rate at which researchers can evaluate new ALS drugs. The Foundation’s $1.5 million donation will help develop drugs for all forms of ALS, a devastating disease that currently affects approximately 3,000 Canadians.

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Researchers Invent an Intraoperative Probe that Reliably Detects Multiple Types of Tumour Cells

Researchers have perfected the invention and designed a new device with improved accuracy, sensitivity and specificity, capable of detecting not only brain cancer cells but colon, lung and skin cancer cells as well. In intraoperative testing, the multimodal optical spectroscopy probe detected cancer cells infallibly, with nearly 100 per cent sensitivity — in other words, when pointed at a cancerous region, the probe is never wrong.

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Erasure of Negative Memories One Step Closer to Reality

A collaborative study by research groups from Columbia University Medical Center and The  Neuro has improved our understanding of memory retention. Their findings could one day lead to therapies that alleviate anxiety disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by selectively erasing pathological memories.

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Why Sad Songs Say so Much

Music is an essential part of the human experience. War ballads, breakup songs and other lamenting lyrics have defined world cultures for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. But most academics still don’t understand why we find solace in listening to sad songs. Now, a recent study tries to answer that question.

Read what Dr. Robert Zatorre has to say about the topic in the Boston Globe.

Multitasking and the Human Brain

Scientists including Dr. Sylvain Baillet comment on the human brain’s ability to multitask, in Agence. Science. Presse., based on a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

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