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May 2017

A Retrospective Featuring The Neuro’s Cutting-Edge Contributions to Neuroscience

Some of the several cutting-edge contributions to neuroscience during The Neuro’s illustrious history are detailed in a fascinating article in Le Devoir.

April was Parkinson’s Awareness Month – A Look at the Latest Parkinson’s News and Information from The Neuro

  • Watch: Parkinson’s Care and research at The Neuro
  • Read: Multidisciplinary Care and Cutting-edge Research Share Space at The Neuro
  • Learn: An Introductory Guide to Parkinson’s Disease, which includes helpful information for patients and their friends/families.

And more…

Getting Parkin Going Again – A Q&A with Matthew Tang

In a paper published in Nature Communications, researchers Matthew Y. Tang, Marta Vranas, Andrea I. Krahn, Shayal Pundlik, Jean-François Trempe and Edward A. Fon, uncover more about the function of Parkin, a protein that, when dysfunctional, contributes to the development of Parkinson’s Disease.

Tang spoke about what this discovery means for future research into Parkinson’s disease. Read all about it!

A Benefit Concert for Parkinson Quebec

On April 1, 2017, I Medici di McGill Orchestra performed a concert at St-Andrew and St-Paul Church to raise funds for Parkinson Quebec and raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.

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