February 2017

Let’s Talk – Thanks to Bell

In January 2017, Bell Let’s Talk announced a donation of $250,000 to The Neuro to fund the development of online mental health resources focused on the needs of multicultural communities.

When it comes to mental health, many in Canada don’t receive proper treatment due to language barriers and/or cultural differences. McGill University and The Neuro extend their heartfelt thanks to Bell Let’s Talk for their investment, which will better educate health professionals and communities on the cultural aspects of mental illness and will also expand the multilingual dimension of our online mental health information platforms.

Read more about this exciting initiative or watch a video.

Learn more about the Bell Let’s Talk campaign.


The Neuro’s Dr. Edward Fon Receives a $1.5 Million Grant for Parkinson’s/ALS Research

CQDM and Brain Canada announced the funding of two new multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research projects under the second edition of their Focus on Brain strategic initiative. The partners will award a total of $3 million to two research teams, including one led by The Neuro’s Dr. Edward Fon, to develop cutting-edge tools, technologies and platforms designed to accelerate the discovery of new drugs for brain and nervous system disorders.

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Dr. Heidi McBride Responds to Questions About an Important Discovery

Read a Q&A with Dr. Heidi McBride, senior author of a paper published in Nature on February 1, 2017.

In their study, a team of researchers from The Neuro, including Dr. McBride (Ayumu Sugiura, Sevan Mattie, Julien Prudent), examined the origins of organelles called peroxisomes. They found that this very important organelle has two origins, which is unique in the field of cellular biology.


HEADS UP Event Generates Public Awareness about Concussions

The HEADS UP on the Concussion event was a great success, thanks to participating athletes, speakers, volunteers, and members of the community who attended. The unique format allowed sports fans to connect with beloved athletes, and provided an excellent opportunity to learn the latest information about concussions. Extensive media coverage helped to generate public awareness about concussions, and the importance of continued research.

To date, the HEADS UP fundraising event raised more $10 thousand. You can still donate to this worthy cause (specify HEADS UP).

Learn more about concussions, watch the lecture in its entirety, watch (Breakfast television) or listen to (CJAD) interviews featuring Dr. Alain Ptito from The Neuro, and Nicolas Boulay, from the Montreal Alouettes. 

Enjoy some of the post-event coverage at RDS, Anthony Calvillo encaisse encore le choc, or in the Montreal Gazette: Heads Up conference at McGill shines a light on sports concussions, Players have to be honest with doctors when it comes to concussions, and Ken Dryden says NHL needs to do more to protect goalies.

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