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February 2017

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Focusing in on Vision

February 5 through February 11 was White Cane Week, an important time to raise public awareness of the challenges facing Canadians living with vision loss.

The lab of Chris Pack at The Neuro looks at how the brain processes visual information, and how neurons communicate with each other about the visual world. Their work provides the fundamental understanding of human vision that can lead to future treatments for impaired visual ability.

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ALS Clinical trial @ The Neuro is Currently Recruiting Patients

The ALS Clinic at The Neuro is currently recruiting patients for a new ALS clinical trial. For more information, please call Kristiana Salmon at 514 398-1779, or email

February is Psychology Month

Psychology Month is celebrated every February to highlight the contributions of Canadian psychology and to teach Canadians how psychology works to help them live healthy and happy lives, help their communities flourish, help their employers create effective workplaces, and help their governments develop good policies. Learn more!


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