Brain Facts

February 2017

This is Your Brain… In Love

With Valentine’s Day still on the mind, read about what love does to your brain!


Stem-cell Therapy May Restore Motor Function after a Stroke or Spinal-cord Injury

Stem-cell therapies have shown great promise in the repair of brain and spinal injuries in animals. But animal models often behave differently from humans and clinical trial results have been mixed. Learn about the latest in this emerging field!

Credit: Greg Iger/Keck Medicine of USC
Kristopher Boesen, who broke his neck in a car accident, regained the ability to
move his arms and hands after his spinal cord was injected with stem cells.

Data Sharing and Mapping the Human Brain

Mapping the human brain down to the micron requires an enormous amount of data. As data sharing becomes increasingly important, learn about the opportunities and challenges ahead in Scientific American.

Credit: Thomas Schulz Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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