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August 2016

Patient Partnership with The Neuro’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic Improves Essential Service

New initiatives, including the implementation of a new nursing helpline – MS Access – for patients calling with clinical issues, have dramatically enhanced service provided to patients of The Neuro’s MS Clinic!

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New Director of The Neuro BioBank Named

Dr. Jason Karamchandani has been named Director of the Neuro BioBank. Dr. Karamchandani has many years of experience in the field of bio banking, having founded the brain tissue BioBank at St. Michaels Hospital (University of Toronto). He has already played a seminal role in launching the Neuro’s initiative, which aims to establish and steward a one-of-a-kind integrated open-science repository of high quality biological samples with linked clinical, imaging and biological metadata, obtained from well-characterized patients with a range of neurological and neurosurgical conditions.


Wilder Penfield Digital Collection Launched

The McGill Library and Archives recently launched the Wilder Penfield Digital Collection, which features selected materials from the Osler Library of the History of Medicine’s Wilder Penfield Fonds, P142. Dr. William Feindel, former director of The Neuro selected the photos, letters, and other records that document both Dr. Penfield’s life and the history of the Institute.

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Happy Birthday to Dr. Brenda Milner and Dr. Hanna Pappius

On July 14, 2016, personnel and friends of The Neuro celebrated the birthdays of Dr. Brenda Milner and Dr. Hanna Pappius.


Bleeding-edge Coding Technology… and Beer

Read how Alan Evans is using hackathons and cutting-edge statistics to unravel the complexity of brain disorders.

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