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May 2016

BrainReach Awarded First Prize by the CAN Advocacy Committee for Outreach!
The IPN would like to congratulate the BrainReach team for winning the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Advocacy Committee Award for “best student initiative promoting neuroscience to the public”. As the CAN Advocacy Committee wrote, the Committee “was especially impressed by your level of organization, the number of students you reach every year, and its availability outside of big urban centres… BrainReach McGill is an impressive group of neuroscience advocates and ambassadors, and we want to congratulate you for your efforts. CAN is very proud to present you with this prize.”

From L to R: Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu (Dean, GPS), Kelly Smart (BrainReach North), Maxime Robert (BrainReach High School), and Falisha Karpati (BrainReach Elementary).

Raphael Hotter, a local High School student, contributed to the discovery of a novel method with potential to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease. Raphael was mentored by Dr. Gassan Massarweh, Director of the MNI’s Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Facility. Hotter, a teen scientist from Montreal with aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon, is working on the development of a radioactive drug that can be used in conjunction with PET scan technologies to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. The student at Herzliah High School in Côte-des-Neiges won the Montreal Neurological Institute Award, the Order of Chemistry Award, and the Highest Distinction Award at a Montreal regional science fair, and was one of fifteen projects chosen to represent Montreal at the upcoming provincial fair in April. This will be Hotter’s second time attending the provincial competition after winning the Quebec gold medal in 2015.

Pam and Rolando Del Maestro William Osler Medical Student Essay Awardees. Dr. Del Maestro and his wife, Pam endowed these awards last year. Awardees are announced each year at the Osler Banquet.

Neda Ladbon Bernasconi and Chris Pack who were each awarded FRQS Chercheurs-boursiers – Senior in the most recent competition. Results

Rolando Del Maestro who received a “Man of the Year Award” from the Valtarese Foundation of New York on April 3rd. This award was given for a lifetime of work for brain tumor patients including being one of the three founding members of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, training of many of Canada’s leading neurosurgeons in the Neuro-Oncology field and research including our innovative present studies in neurosurgical simulation.

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