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April 2016

The power of philanthropy has been transformational for The Neuro. The philanthropic vision and generosity of our donors has enabled The Neuro to remain at the very forefront of health research and patient care for 8 decades.
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$4 million from the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation for research on intellectual disabilities

The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is very gratified to announce an exceptional $4‑million commitment from the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation. Their donation will be used to establish the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Intellectual Disability Research Program. This gift represents the largest single philanthropic donation made in Canada in support of research on intellectual disabilities.

This remarkable show of support will enable The Neuro to enlist the services of expert clinicians and researchers for the common goal of finding all about this condition and making it possible to improve the resources and therapies currently available for people with an intellectual disability and their families.

According to the most recent statistics, intellectual disability is estimated to affect over 240,000 adults and children in Quebec, some 3% of the population. With the support of the generosity of the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation, investigators at The Neuro will be in a position to advance understanding of the root causes and genetic origins of intellectual disability, and identify new biomarkers for the diagnosis of disorders and the development of new treatments.

“When we founded this unique and very promising program at The Neuro, we were inspired by our son Jonathan. Through this contribution, our sincere aspiration is to give hope to patients and their families affected by intellectual disability in Quebec,” stated Sandra Chartrand, President of the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation, and Alain Bouchard, Founder & Executive Chairman of the Board of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

“We are in the middle of a paradigm shift that is revolutionizing our understanding of intellectual disability, and our progress will depend on a continuum of work ranging from experimental to translational neuroscience. The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital has the expertise we need and is the ideal site to make this project a reality,” indicated Dr. Guy Rouleau, Director of The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. “The worldwide therapeutic potential of this initiative to improve the quality of life of patients grappling with intellectual disability is immense. On behalf of all scientific researchers dedicated to this very worthwhile cause, I sincerely thank everyone in the Bouchard family for their inspirational generosity.”

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