September 2015

Breakthrough in “marriage-broker” protein

Discovery provides new tool for understanding and treating neurodegenerative diseases

MNI scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding an important protein that appears to act as a kind of cellular “marriage broker.” The protein called Netrin1 brings cells together and maintains their healthy relationships. Netrin1 plays an essential role in the growth of the human organism, directing cell migration and the formation of cell circuits both at the embryo stage and after birth.

The breakthrough came in the form of a mouse embryo model created by Jenea Bin and her colleagues working in the laboratory of Dr. Timothy Kennedy, a researcher at The Neuro specializing in nervous system development. Using genetic technology, his laboratory team removed all of the Netrin1 from the embryo. Mouse models are vital in studying the interactions of proteins.
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University of Evry Val d’Essonne President visits the MNI, McGill

On August 26, Prof. Patrick Curmi, President of the University of Evry Val d’Essonne (affiliated with Genopôle) visited McGill to explore closer ties between our two institutions. Prof. Curmi met with Neuro Director Dr. Guy Rouleau and a number of other faculty members at McGill.

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