August 2015

Practice doesn’t always make perfect (depending on your brain)

Study fuels nature versus nurture debate

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? New research on the brain’s capacity to learn suggests there’s more to it than the adage that “practise makes perfect.” A music-training study by Robert Zatorre and colleagues, with collaborators in Germany found evidence to distinguish the parts of the brain that account for individual talent from the parts that are activated through training.
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Neuro researchers awarded over $15 M in CIHR funding

Six Neuro researchers have been awarded over $15 M in inaugural Foundation grants for high-impact, long-term programs in the latest round of funding by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The grants are part of over $600 M in national funding announced July 28 by Minister of Health Rona Ambrose.
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Neuro researchers awarded $10.5 M from CFI

The Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology) announced an investment of $333 M for research infrastructure through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Two Neuro projects received a total of over $21 M in funding, with matching funds from the Government of Quebec.
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Researchers awarded over $4.5 M from CQDM, Brain Canada and the Ontario Brain Institute

Neuro researchers have received a total of over $4.5 M in funding, for innovative projects to accelerate diagnosis and drug discovery for diseases of the brain, including Alzheimer’s.
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University of Bordeaux President visits the MNI, McGill

On July 27, Dr. Manuel Tunon de Lara, University President, Hélène Jacquet, Deputy Executive Director for Research, International, Innovation and Partnerships, Head of Excellence Campus Programme and Rodolphe Gouin, Director of the Bordeaux University Foundation were at McGill to forge closer ties between our two institutions in the fields of neuroscience (including neuro-epidemiology), translational imaging, global health, computer science and environmental sciences. The visit was also an opportunity for McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier and Bordeaux University President Manuel Tunon de Lara to sign a general MOU. At the MNI, they had the occasion to meet with Neuro Director Guy Rouleau, as well as Dr. Peter McPherson, Dr. Sylvain Baillet, Dr. Alan Evans and Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu.

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